Saturday, February 16, 2013

Prague, Czech Republic.

Instead of writing about my wonderful time in Prague last weekend, I decided to compile my memories into a poem with some here it goes.
Prague's beautiful rooftops. View from the castle.

The Lennon Wall. 

Sunrise on the Charles Bridge.
Each Day Brings Its Own Bread – Praha
Melody Rolph

Small, wooden toy shop. 
Early morning on a blue Charles Bridge
Mist sets low, the weather… a fridge
Black bird silhouettes painted in the sky
Sun only rising within the mind’s eye

Hostel Rosemary, sweet, yet fragrant
Strolling past eight baby pups owned by vagrants
Morning meals at Paleria; pastries in large portions
Exploring the past, the raids, the revolution

Mucha postcards, designs, illustrations
Waiting for Dali with anticipation
Maps, money, management, frustration
Czech goulash soup with bacon dumlings.
Learning that traveling is not always vacation

Smoked red wurst with bread and mustard
Dreaming and free love with Lennon’s mustered
Wall of magic, heart filled sentences
Friends, acquaintances and fish eye lenses

Wooden toy shops and marionettes
Smooth colored pencils, strong cigarettes
Astronomic clock; dancing figurines                 
Hundreds of tourists and pick pocket fiends

Bagels and cappuccino, the Bohemian way
Czech, Pilsner Beer. Incredable.
Stairs upon stairs to the castle gateway
Burgundy rooftops, buildings white and adorned
With small wooden carvings, little communist reform

Morning Milka, evening goulash
Company warm, endearing, never a loss
Pilsner, dumplings, chicken legs, na zdravĂ­!
The glass harpist, Peter.
Dining together at U Mediviku brewery

The harpist with glasses
Long hair and eyelashes
Playing his heart with rain and crystal
Touching the glass; so pure and simple
Shooting emotion with a water pistol

Short days, long nights
Tired feet, luckily no plights
After lengthy hours spent with Westbahn
Back in Salzburg 
Na, endlich kann ich schlafe 

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